Booking Information 

           To initiate the process of working together, please read the following outline: 


                  Organization Type:        • Are you a corporation, non-profit, or individual?

                                                          • What sector do you operate/work in?

                  Financial Capacity:        • For the project or work you have envisioned, what is

                                                             a feasible budget for you?

                General Contract Info:    • What is the topic of the contract?

                                                          • What purpose is the contract being requested?

                     Delivery Time:            • What is your ideal timeline?

                         Location:                 • Where are you located? 

                                                          • Where will the service delivery take place?

                         Audience:                • Who is the anticipated audience for the project?


Please include all the above information in an email to After receiving your email, we will connect with you within 5 business days. We will then ideally follow up with a free initial consultation.