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Our Services

At Tahi & Woldu Advising, we offer a wide range of consultancy and collaboration initiatives that provide different service options to businesses and clients. Our work aims to promote the development of organizations, both large and small, through advanced equitable practices; intentional diversification; and, a widespread increase of inclusive material. In addition to this, we provide consulting services that encompass equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) principles, as well as advising, which is supported by our industry knowledge that is necessary to aid clients striving for a more equitable environment. Our unique approach to EDI work, combined with our lived experience, is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. Through our broad range of services, we are able to assist organizations to facilitate change; achieve their vision; and, optimize performance and productivity. 


Advising & Facilitation

As spaces advance in developing inclusive and diverse spaces, we analyze the best equitable practices for the organization, as well as support the organization in implementing these practices. We acknowledge that organizations may be in different phases of creating and developing equitable, diverse, and inclusive work-spaces; so, we provide a ‘Phase-Implementation’ approach to ensure successful advancement.


We also provide facilitation sessions that ensure the creation of important conversations, engagement with EDI material for a deeper understanding, and produce actionable scenario-based material that can be used interpersonally or institutionally. We are also able to provide holistic facilitations on specific topics of interest, such as anti-racism, microaggressions, tokenism, and unconscious biases.

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Curriculum Development

Education is a pillar of continued awareness and allyship. Depending on our clients deliverables, we are able to create content and curriculum that encompasses the needs of the organization, all through thorough research, that encapsulates authentic information. The development of curricula is rooted in the experiences of individuals within the client's organization, but aims to centre and prioritize the voices of marginalized groups that exist in that space.

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Research & Training

Research is essential to gaining accurate community information, especially when there is rapid global diversification and evolution. As academics, we value and emphasize the importance of conducting reliable and credible research that can provide empirical data and analysis for our clients. We have the capacity and knowledge to carry out research that further provides an understanding of how EDI work can be designed and implemented for businesses and communities. 


To assist organizations in creating and developing spaces that amplify EDI principles, we are able to deliver training to members of the organization. We aim to improve awareness and understanding of topics, all with the hopes of increasing competency. The foundation of our training sessions is that they reflect the needs of the community, prioritize accessibility and inclusivity, highlight the importance of lived experiences, and utilize participatory engagement.